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A visit to the Cape Town Science Centre.

On Saturday we visited The Cape Town Science Centre, it was a first for us. It’s winter in South Africa and Cape Town winters are just the worst – a bit windy, cold, dark and rainy. I want to cry just writing this (insert crying emoji). It took a whole lot to leave the house but we managed, with all the 6 pieces which make the Marumo household!

The centre is in Observatory and that’s a 30-minute drive from our house and as we arrived, it started to rain. I had a little panic attack about the possibility of being trapped inside a cold, sterile centre for a few hours with tons of kids but follow-through is what we parents have to do (I read the books!). So we bundled our one-year-old and scurried in with the other three and fortunately (for these black people), it was warm inside! No line at the ticket office either, so we were quickly able to get in on the action with the other families. Inside, is a small restaurant that serves light meals and COFFEE (halleluleyer!) in a huge hall type of set-up where kids can explore. We were soon led into the auditorium for an ‘experi-show’.

The mini-show was held by a young lady who did a few experiments (I can’t tell you what the first few were because…Instagram!) Just before I was done, I turned to see her hand ‘on fire’ and I was on some “Now this is what we came here for!” So I sat down with my daughter to enjoy the show. Soon after, there was an explosion followed by some blue foam, which had a life of its own, that all the kids thought was candy floss!

The show lasted for about 30 minutes and we all stepped out for some science fun. The kids played on slides, built a pseudo brick house, and my older two went into a Lego building session a little later. The place was so spacious that I hadn’t noticed that there was a play area for my 1year old (whom we lost briefly whilst my husband and I were having an exciting moment exploring the centrifugal force) to enjoy. That kept her busy and happy, forever! Afterwards, we had our coffees and toasted sandwiches whilst the kids had hot dogs and juice. This African mama had packed a nice sadza/pap meal for the bub, which the staff were more than happy to warm for us.

Our visit was from 1 pm to 4 pm and when I announced that it was time to go, I unwittingly re-affirmed my position as ‘boring mom’ (dad was enjoying playing drafts with them). To be honest, I think 3 hours was short for such a visit but I was tired. There really was a lot to do and a lot to learn. I loved that they integrated play with learning. They even had a huge slide called something along the lines of ‘Friction Action’. How it works is that the kids slide down on different surfaces and the type of surface determines how fast they will go down the slide (because of the amount of friction). What a clever way to teach!

Cape Town Science Center, you get a 10 from me! I hope to do it again next holiday. If you think you’d like to give it a go, check out their website here for more info on their times and activities. You won’t regret it! Oh, I forgot to mention, their food is priced really well (that’s a thing for me!)

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