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It’s 3:40pm and I finally have a break from domestic duties and parenting. I put them to sleep (all by myself!), did a little tidying up, then sat down with my coffee to listen to the Word on T.V. My back is aching and I could do with some sleep but I know it won’t be possible – even though it’s Mother’s Day. Our helper is off, my hubby is studying and, in any case, we’re broke right now anyway.

Which leads me to thoughts about the perfect gift for a mom; I’ve narrowed it down to three things:

 1.  An opportunity to rest for 8 hours – uninterrupted.

An opportunity to rest without having to breastfeed, cook a meal, catch up on cleaning or other work. A break where I’m doing what I like (sleeping) without having to block out a crying baby or demanding toddlers. Just a day like – dare I say – ‘a child-free person.’

 2.  A voucher to make myself look and feel pretty.

It can be for an outfit, new shoe, hair or nail salon etc. Just something to remind me that I was still a woman, and a desirable one.

 3.  A meal (s)

I think for someone like me who loves to cook, and cooks almost every day of the week, it’s easy to just keep doing it. I do it so much that perhaps those around me don’t realise the difference a that’s all I need. Just to look forward to a good meal – from somebody else.

So gentlemen, if you read this please share it with your wife. She might just feel the same. You could be feeling like you don’t know how to help or you don’t have any money to spend but perhaps you could cook her a meal or give her three hours where she can ‘forget’ about her role.

Happy Mother’s Day ladies! I’m going to just sit back, finish my coffee then start preparing supper whilst watching t.v!

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Posted on May 2, 2017

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