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About three months ago, a seed was planted which now marks the beginning of a new life in our family! While we are quite an adventurous and brave couple, we still struggle with embracing change even when we know that the end result will be exactly what we’ve always dreamed of!

Two weekends ago we visited Genesis Clinic to confirm that we are expecting our fourth! This came exactly a week after confirming that we’ll be moving to Cape Town!!! We are excited about it all but we’re apprehensive about giving birth in a new city, having had all our babies at Genesis in Johannesburg (birth stories coming soon!). I absolutely hate the idea of birthing some place where my husband won’t be able to sleepover comfortably on my bed (sniff sniff). No munching all day, drinking coffee, watching a series and picking out our supper from a varied menu.

Before we moved back from Zim to South Africa, we really wanted to come back to Cape Town and now Cape Town is happening (eeeek!). I know that Cape Town is better for my writing, photography and work life in general. We know it’s excellent for family life as well, and it’s obviously great for my husband because it’s his job that’s motivated the move, but we can’t quite shake off our concerns about the racism we hear of.  How difficult will it be to grow professionally? Will white kids (and their parents) be racist towards mine? How am I going to navigate this?  We’re already having difficulty with securing a rental and we’re starting to suspect it’s because we’re black (<sigh>). With all this, it’s quite easy to end up being anxious so I try to focus on the truth:

  1. Promotion comes from the Lord
  2. God goes before us and he illuminates a path (both near and distant future)

So whatever happens, ultimately it will work out. Even if it’s with a few hard lessons. When I was in university I used to pray that God would make my life a great adventure. I never wanted ‘normal’ or completely predictable and God’s given me just that! I look forward to this next chapter, please bear with me as I am prone to over-sharing when excited!

Thanks for the visit!

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