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Life Grand Cafe – Mall of Africa

If you know me, you’ll know I’m obsessed with food; good food in particular, with a side of good service. This is exactly the experience I had at the Life Grand Café, Mall of Africa.

My booking was for a midweek lunch at the Life Grand Café in Waterfall. The Mall of Africa at Waterfall City is typically frequented by a youthful (if not younger) crowd in an indulgent mood. The Life Grand Café patrons, however, seemed more laid back and this establishment provides the perfect setting for a quiet meal or business lunch. A lady named Charlotte was our hostess. She offered me a table and a drink, and I sat down to enjoy the atmosphere…

After I’d settled down with a cool glass of champagne, I mentioned to Charlotte the interesting plate of mussels that I’d spied at another table. She recommended them a starter. This restaurant is incredibly generous with their portions – the plate was much bigger than I’d anticipated.  The mussels were served in a warm butter sauce and topped with two slices of lightly toasted bread.  I decided then and there that I would not torture myself with counting calories, because choosing between the bread and the accompanying side of chips was going to be an exercise in futility!

I could have ended my lunch after that; the point of satiety having being duly reached – the weight-loss books say we should stop here – but I feel I have a moral obligation to finish every single thing that I start and by definition, the starter was just the beginning.  I looked through their menu again and found myself gravitating towards another seafood dish for my main and immediately remembered that that’s what I had at The Big Mouth, which I shared in my last blog post. Ultimately I settled on their lamb shank. This proved deliciously tender, with a side of grilling veggies.  Additionally, instead of the usual mashed-potatoes, they had a combination of potato and sweet potato slices, thick and drizzled with a light cheese sauce.  

I’m not sure whether Charlotte could tell I was struggling to finish my meal or if she noticed me looking around at the design and fittings, but she came to my rescue to tell me a little bit more about the place.  The owner, it turns out, is an interior designer, and one might have guessed just by restaurant’s ‘grand’ design.  We spoke about their menu and I discovered that they also have a salad bar – perfect for a working lunch and those who prefer their plates a tad more green.  The icing on the cake (since I would not be having any) was that they have a kids menu! A whole separate menu for the kids!  I will definitely be returning with my family, and you should too!


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Posted on May 8, 2017


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